Cassper Shares A Secret To His Longevity As An Artist!

Cass proudly declares himself a GOAT!

Cassper Shares A Secret To His Longevity As An Artist! Rapper, music producer and businessman Cassper Nyovest has been an inspiration to many young black South Africans, most have seen him flourish with the wonder of how he does it and remain so relevant. The answer has been provided.

Nyovest has always put a great shine to versatility, despite being criticized for trying out various genres he states true to that nature. 6 years into the industry he is winning and scooping deals because he deviated from one way of doing things. To fan’s luck he shared a secret that has led to him soaring higher and higher.

“What i love most about experimenting as an artist is going back and listening to my old stuff. I am so impressed by my versatility. I keep changing & adapting, that’s the secret to my longevity. I remember coming up being told SA musicians only have 3 years. We still here! GOAT!” He wrote.

Another means of survival for the 29 year old is rooted to how he is able to protect his peace and imagination.

“I really don’t like f**king with my imagination. I like to feed it good energy. I like to feed it light. My imagination is still as wild as it was when I was a lil kid. Hence I’m a creative. Mina all those dark spaces ha ke di rate. Ha keep rate lefifi. At all!!!”

Aphelele Peyana

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