Chad Da Don Confronts Rappers Who Don’t Push Their Music But Expect Miracles

Chad Da Don Confronts Rappers Who Don’t Push Their Music But Expect Miracles. The complicated part about the music industry is that talents doesn’t have to go alone, it has to be accompanied with means of pushing and exposing so to sell. Unfortunately other artists haven’t yet grasped the best part of marketing when it comes to their music.

Rapper Chad Da Don decided to take it upon himself to address fellow rappers who aren’t usually vested on promoting their music on the biggest platforms. The SSDD star mentioned how expecting a miracle doesn’t seem like a good idea from someone working towards success.

“I’ve always wondered how homies drop one tweet about their song and then they done
Almost like miracles are gonna happen …where’s the Hunger ? Push the song bro no1 else gonna do it for you it’s your song,” questioned Don.

The rapper has received criticism for his rap, instead of succumbing to negative he contributed to push his rap career. Between the year of 2019 and 2020 he has flourished tremendously leading to the release of his major comeback album Dreams Don’t Sleep. Most of the songs on the album have remix versions with intents of further promoting them to a broader audience.


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