Crowned Yung Releases New Mixtape ‘Win Or Die’ Feat. Nasty C, Gemini Major, Maraza & Tellaman

The new wave of rappers mix with heavyweights to relelase a masterpiece

Crowned Yung Releases New Mixtape ‘Win Or Die’ Feat. Nasty C, Gemini Major, Maraza & Tellaman. It’s always exciting to see rapper come together to provide the game with the best set of releases, not only does it depict solidarity but it breeds good music. Crowned Yung created a banging rap project titled Win Or Die and scooped the likes of Maraza, Nasty C, Lastee, Gemini Major, Tellaman and Flow Jones to put it to perfection.

The Mixtape sounds like the first of its kind with a total of 15 songs. It introduces the variety of flow and rhythm accompanied by raps and choruses that connects to the messages all about inspiring and come-up, the struggles and the vision of the good life planned ahead. If there was a ever mixtape worthy to top the charts it would be this one, don’t believe it?

Simply Check Out The Mixtape Here

“Ayy my mixtape “win or die” is out now!!!. please take some time out your day to give it a listen i busted my ass making this project and it was 100% worth it – fuck wit me,” wrote the King.

According to Hype Magazine, Yung officially started his journey as a rapper in 2009 when he began recording but had been rapping for nearly 6 years prior. In his music crownedYung sheds light on his experiences, struggling with his vices as well as a pool of other topics.



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