Da Les Explains Why He Fell Out With Bongani Fassie

Da Les airs some of unknown information!

Da Les Explains Why He Fell Out With Bongani Fassie. For over a decade now most hip hop fans who grew up jamming to Jozi wondered why the group disbanded with “bad blood” amongst other members. Years later Da LES comes forward to reveal what really happened especially between him and Bongani Fassie.

Speaking to McG on a latest interview ahead of his album release Caution To The Wind, Da LES opened up about a number of things including the reasons that led to his fall out with Bongani.

“Me and Bongani started skating together at Fourways Skate Park through a background tunnel. The reason we were there was because we were smoking weed,” said LES expressing that it’s where the passion of music developed with a practice leading to the establishment of Jozi team.

“Jozi was special because we had Bongani Fassie, Ishmael and Crazy Lu I just had to be me,” The death of Fassie’s mother the iconic Brenda Fassie was a life changer that encouraged them to take music seriously and not do it for fun.

When asked when last he spoke to Bongz the Elon Musk rapper it was when Crazy Lu died (2019).

“We just spoke on WhatsApp. It’s tough because I come from a skating background and I really fell under the wing of Bongz. I threw myself into the music thing and we had break-ups. I mean Bongz was left because he felt that the label was screwing us and I decided to stay to finish the contract. That broke his heart he felt I may have broken his heart for choosing to stay with the label, I should’ve been riding with him,” opened up Da LES

“My pain started to occur when I was like damn this guy brought me into this shit and he’s not listening to me. When he left a lot of pressure was on me,” he added.

He ended off by making it clear that he held to animosity against Fassie who was once his best friend.

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