“He now knows how it feels like to be a black man,”Scoop Makhathini On Costa Titch’s Cultural Appropriating

“He now knows how it feels like to be a black man,” Scoop Makhathini On Costa Titch’s Cultural Appropriating. On a recent episode of PopCast now consisting of DJ Vigilante, Ms Cosmo and the highly opinionated Scoop Makhathini they discussed the topic of Costa Titch’s alleged cultural appropriation.

Last month Costa Titch released an album titled Made In Africa alongside a few music videos which saw acting and rapping in a kasi influenced type of a way. While some praised his ability to get off the comfort zone, others felt he took things a bit too far and used the black culture to market his work. To come to his defence were the likes of Maraza, AKA, Stogie T and Rouge to name a few. To put more stamp to the topic was Makhathini.

Scoop made it clear that he feels it’s unfair to blame the Nkalakatha remix star. He said we should be appreciating how he is one white boy who gave himself time to learn local languages and made best of them. But Makhathini also made commentary that Titch now knows how life is like for a black man in this world.

“What I will say though is that I do like that it’s happened, he now knows how to be a black man in this country or in the world. And the more white people can get educated what hardships black people go through, the more they can respect what they have to do in educating babies about us,” said Scoop.


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