Mass The Difference Answers If He Is Willing To Work With Cassper Again

Mass The Difference Answers If He Is Willing To Work With Cassper Again. After hopping into a joint titled  ‘What’s Wrong With Me’ by then upcoming young artists Mass The Difference, Cassper went silent on the work associated with the Mass.

Curious fans questioned if the state of the two rapper’s relationship was still in good condition. After releasing What’s Wrong With Me, Cassper announced he will be co-signing Mass to his stable, a deal none of them spoke more about after it reached the public’s attention. Mass is an independent artist who has released over 10 mixtapes  including Quiet Noise and Loud Silence album.

When asked if Mass will do another collaboration with Cassper to also prove if they on good terms, he replied with an optimistic ‘definitely’.

“You nice kid. Lemme hop on your shit!!!! Hopefully you’ll get a few more listens from my co sign. Send the files for this song,” said Cass when he first offered Mass the opportunity that gained him a major fanbase.

Speaking about the newly released lists of 2020 SA Hip Hop Awards, Mass expressed how he felt he was deserving of the recognition for his Quiet Noise project. He also mentioned how happy he would be if JayHood takes the trophy.

“I don’t wanna dwell on it bro, but what I know is Quiet Noise qualifies me for some nominations.
“But I guess it’s not the time” cc @JayHood_SA.”

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