PH Raw Answers The Question Of Who Will Save SA Hip Hop

PH Raw Answers The Question Of Who Will Save SA Hip Hop

Groovy P is one of the respected producers and rappers of local hip hop and his opinions seem to always makes ensue with the masses and have encouraged some investing conversations and debates surrounding the hip hop industry.

PH came back with another opinion that many of his followers and avid lovers of hip hop agreed with. Taking to twitter the producer responded to an argument that has been coming up lately about the quality of SA hip hop declining by the minute.

According to some hip hop fan, South Africans have gotten comfortable with the alleged low standard of hip hop of today and the game could do with some saving however, the question is who will swoop in to save the day. PH  addressed the on going debate in claiming that hip hop doesn’t need anyone to carry the game on their back because the progression of music will continue regardless. He further stated that a level of honesty in ones music would also have to be adopted as well.

“I’ve ran into this argument or statements of who is gonna save SA Hip Hop. 1. It doesn’t need saving, it will Always continue growing. 2. It will NEVER take 1 artist to “save” hip hop. It will take the community of Hip Hop to focus on being true to their music. 3. SAVE YOURSELF” he wrote.

Do you think there is any truth to what Groovy P is saying?

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