Watch! Kwesta Receives Grand Gift From Huawei!

Kwesta shows off a collection of his achievement!

Watch! Kwesta Receives Grand Gift From Huawei! Rapper Kwesta has shared that one of the top technology brand Huawei has gifted him with an edition of a cellphone that hasn’t even been availed for most people. The cellphone is a PSmart2021.

Kwesta is one of the top rappers that have been appointed by top brands for marketing of products on their vast fan base. The Ngud’ star actually led to most tweeps drooling over the new release by Huawei. The features alone evoked the greatest envy.

“The good people @huaweiza gifted me the new PSmart 2021. The features are out of this world. I’m talking 48mega pixel camera quality that is sure to get me taking more snaps, plus the design is too ??. Thanks for the PSmart, it’s a piece of art. #EraOfSmart,” wrote Kwesta.

The father of two has been an ambassador to big brands such as Heineken, Telkom, Urban Art, Butan and Russian Bear to say the least.


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