Blaklez Reveals What Prevented The Shooting Of DMX Prayer Remix Music Video

Blaklez Reveals What Prevented The Shooting Of DMX Prayer Remix Music Video. Rapper Blaklez has been releasing a number if projects lately including singles, EPs and albums. But that doesn’t mean he had a chance to cover the most parts of what he wanted to do.

The Dladisa Letheka rapper released DMX Prayer remix earlier  on the year which was perfected enough to qualify for an SA Hip Hop nominee. Blaklez planned for the remix to be accompanied by visuals but things didn’t pan out as well as he had hoped.

Tweeting about the reason, the Lepara rapper expressed that the visuals never got to the shooting stage because he couldn’t get featured rappers in one place. The busy schedules since they all pushing individual works was the reason. Features include Tshego, Zakwe, Emtee & Jay Hood.

Lez also shared earlier on the week why he feels amongst the nominees on the best Remix why DMX Prayer deserved to win.

“Sonically, DMX Prayer remix is at first spot but Eish popularity contest plus we could’ve pushed it better so it’s love regardless. Anywhere else in the world ra wina but Mzansi consumes music like it’s a Soweto Derby. Thanks for the nod though,” he wrote.


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