Boity Drops Dominating Debut Album Titled 4463

Boity Drops Dominating Debut Album Titled 4463. When she started introducing her rap skills it became obvious that she was going to take over the industry by the storm. The newly released album 4463 has proven that Boity is carving a solid mark into SA Hip Hop to inspire more females.

Before settling into rap Boity has been into various parts of the entertainment industry including acting, presenting and brands ambassadorship. In her way she was able to connect with the people who discovered her added abilities and were willing to help her flourish.

The debut of 4463 is another depiction of her hard work and undying will to break barriers in the rap industry. The project consist of 8 tracks with features of PH Raw, Maglera Doe Boy, Riky Rick, Yanga Chief & Maggz. Ganja Beatz, Crumz and Gobbla formed part of the production process.

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