Here’s A List Of AKA’s Songs That Went Platinum And Diamond

Here’s A List Of AKA’s Songs That Went Platinum And Diamond. In the history of South African Hip Hip there hasn’t been an artist who has achieved as much as AKA has musically. The rapper makes each year his own and isn’t stopping at nothing.

This week the 32 year-old superstar took to social media to share with fans his latest achievements which include a series of his music going Platinum and Diamond. When a record goes Platinum in SA it means it has attained a total of 30 000 units, imagine one record on 53x Platinum, Mega achieved that.

“So before I go off let me break it down for you. 120 streams = 1 unit. Of a song for instance. 10 000 units = Gold & 20 000 units = Platinum. 10X Platinum = 1 X DIAMOND 💎 … got it?” Mega broke the sales down for fans.

See below:

Touch My Blood Album Sold 60 000 Units = Multiple Platinum


Caiphus Song On 240 000 12X Platinum  (X1 Diamond)

One Time on 240 000 Units 18x Platinum (X1 Diamond)

The World Is Yours on  10X Platinum (X1 Diamond)

Levels On 300 000 Units X1 Diamond

All Eyes On Me 390 000 Units X1 Diamond

DreamWork Is 53X Platinum With 1 060 000 Units Making 5X Diamond

I’m conclusion AKA explained that he was releasing these numbers to the public to show the Megacy appreciation of their support towards him.

“Why am I releasing all of this info? Firstly to Thank You for all the support over the years. As the Megacy I know it hasn’t always been easy and you have never let me down.”


Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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