K.O’s Response On Which Rappers In SA Are On His Top 5 List

K.O’s Response On Which Rappers In SA Are On His Top 5 List. Rappers may be in competition but they still become each other’s favourites based on different characters such as skill or ethic. Mr Cashtime shared his sentiments.

K.O has always placed himself on high regard, deserving so.  A fan questioned what he meant for placing himself in the top 5 list of best rappers in the country and which rappers he finds himself competing against. The rapper simply laughed off and clarified that he’d rather let the game decides on who’s best.

“Lol the game will decide that, our job as servants of the culture is to deliver at the highest level to be eligible. Been doing my part since day 1,” he responded.

The Supa Dupa rapper is currently in the process of promoting his new single ‘Lucky Star which has a music video that has reached thousands of views on YouTube.


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