PH Raw Shares His Plan To Promote New Artists

PH Raw Shares His Plan To Promote New ‘Bubbling’ Artists. Rapper and music producer PH Raw has been in the game long enough to see what works and what doesn’t, and it seems he is long concerned about helping industry members who don’t return the favour.

PH Raw wrote about the conscious decision he took on who he plans to work with. He said he is willing and prepared to help upcoming artists blossom.

“Made a conscience decision to ONLY support and promote those that return the favor when it comes to music and artist. I will however be promoting alot of new and bubbling artists rather than my fellow artist. people be super stingy with their post, its just freakin post!!!” Wrote PH.

The Beballinho rapper has been sharing a number of views about the state of hip hop and where he plans to position himself. Last week he expressed how disappointing it has been to see Hip Hop being diluted.

“Top MC lists should be for hip hop music only. Imagine nominating Elvis in some reggae awards, simply because he sings. The genre and practice in genre is most important to consider… we cant be considering artist like PitPull to compete with hip hop rappers…its not the same.

“Hip Hop pressures and daily movements are not the same for Dance artists…every genre moves differently and with their own rules of engagement. We are fighting totally different battles in hip hop…whether we both rap or not!!!” He wrote.



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