Tshego Reveals How He Proposed To Sell Universal Music Masters To His Album For R6 Million

Tshego Reveals How He Proposed To Sell Universal Music Masters To His Album For R6 Million. Rapper Tshego has been sharing a lot of information about his journey as an independent lately, from winning his case against Family Tree for unpaid royalties to how he managed to thrive.

Tshego has always identified as an independent despite being signed by other labels including Universal, Ghetto Ruff (almost) and Family Tree. When the Waves rapper got into Universal he suggested that they buy masters of one of albums for R6 Million. Which they refused.

“After Ghetto Ruff in 2014 I went on to tell Universal it’ll be R6 million minimum if they want the masters on 1 album. They refused, and that’s why I’m still independent,” he revealed.

The father of one further stated how when he got into Ghetto Ruff he was told to sign a contract which would have taken full control over his masters.

“Years back I was at the Ghetto Ruff studios, like I’d been doing everyday for many months. I started making “Out Here” in front of Lance Stehr, on the spot.

“The next day he walks in and puts a contract on the table (without warning or prior conversation). All I read was “anything made in this studio will belong to..” and I packed my shit IMMEDIATELY AND LEFT,” wrote Tshego.

The rapper is currently pursuing his career independently and has dropped the Pink Panther project, he also announced plans to move to the US.


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