AKA Straightens Facts About Sneaker Deal With Reebok

AKA clears up all the facts about his deal with Reebok on TrendingSA

AKA Straightens Facts About Sneaker Deal With Reebok. Besides the music, AKA is notorious for his successful business deals. From Cruz, his own App to Cuba BLK Lounge in Durban, the rapper has done it all. One of AKA’s biggest business deals was collaborating with Reebok in 2017 to produce his own sneaker The ‘SneAKA’.

The Monuments rapper recently appeared on SABC 3’s Trending SA to talk on a number of topics including his Bhovomania EP and various business ventures. AKA was specifically asked to shed light on his lucrative business deal with the popular sneaker brand Reebok.

In May 2020, the rapper mentioned on his twitter page that he did not receive a cent for the deal. He wrote “Can you believe they didn’t pay me a single cent for this? … not one cent.”

It seems his fans did not completely understand what the rapper had meant.

When asked about the hard lessons he had learnt though the Reebok deal on Trending SA, AKA cleared up the rumours by saying, “First of all with the Reebok deal I made back a lot of bank. I made millions of rands, so let’s clear that up. What I said was, I didn’t get a royalty for the sneaker that I designed.”

So I was in an ambassadorial role for Reebok South Africa, I really brought the brand to a different level, made my own sneaker which was a dream of mine and for me one of the reasons I didn’t pursue going forward and why I’m not with them anymore is because I wanted a royalty off of the product that myself and my brother had designed.”, AKA continued.

The sneakers were a limited edition release and only 600 pairs were released. AKA says he learnt from the deal that he should probably start his own brand.

Watch the TrendingSA Episode featuring AKA here:

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