Cassper Responds To AKA Posting Their Boxing Match Contract With No Proof He Signed It

Cassper Responds To AKA Posting Their Boxing Match Contract With No Proof He Signed It! It’s 2021 and yes, we’re still talking about AKA and Cassper yet to happen boxing match where they both hope to settle their beef without damaging their brands.

On Thursday, AKA took to twitter sharing a photo of the boxing match contract although he did not show proof that he had signed it. He later deleted the tweet. SupaMega’s reason for that was that he does not want anyone forging his signature.

Now Cassper has responded to AKA’s stunt saying his nemesis is all talk and no action and that he didn’t want to fight in the ring. Cassper seemed to not be pleased by AKA apparently not signing the contract saying he’ll believe it when the signed contract has been handed in.

What did I say ? Tweet deleted, tail tucked back into the ndono. All talk!!! No action!!! He wants to start fights at clubs and damage my brand that I worked hard to build so we can both suffer at the bottom. I’m not into that. Let’s get in the ring, no bodyguards to save you,” Cassper tweeted.

He went on to add that he needs AKA to see his wrath for swearing at his mother. “It’s not gonna solve anything. That guy swore at my parents and I had to take a high role as always. I need to see him, he needs to feel my wrath. I won’t do it in the streets cause it’ll damage my brand. I need to see him in the ring. I will never get over him swearing my queen,” Cassper said.

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