Here’s Why K.O Believes He’s The Best SA Hip Hop Storyteller!

Here’s Why K.O Believes He’s The Best SA Hip Hop Storyteller! K.O has never been the one to bite his tongue about how he feels about the state of SA Hip Hop, his position and contributions to the game not forgetting how he feels when other rappers put out music.

Mr Cashtime recently went on twitter letting in his fans on his plans with his next album. K.O revealed that he wanted to tap into the same energy he had when he made Skanda Republic 1 album.

Recently been working on records that made me tap into that SR1 energy, my next album is not titled SR3 however. Paying less attention to trendy things on this project yet not remaking old songs, just me on my kasie ignorant shit. Bucket hat k.izzo 2021,” K.O tweeted.

A fan expressed how they would love to hear more personal songs on the new project and K.O got candid saying he was p*ssed when people hated on the personal songs on Skanda Republic 2. “Got ptsd from how they hated on the personal stuff I put on SR2. Thought folks don’t wanna ever hear that from me,” K.O responded.

This led to another fan praising K.O for Ghetto Episode saying it has aged well. In response, K.O called himself the best hip hop story teller around. “I’m the best hiphop storyteller around here, fact not opinion…,” K.O said.

Would you agree with K.O?

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