“I literally get paid to tweet,” Rouge Explains After Being Told To Quit Rap

“I literally get paid to tweet,” Rouge Explains After Being Told To Quit Rap. Once more award winning rapper Rouge is responding to the distasteful views concerning her music career.

It can’t be denied that every music fan develops a sense of curiosity on the money artists make. From gigs to song releases, it’s not easy to keep up for those curious. How others can tell the state of an artist’s wealth is sometimes determined by how they actually flaunt their wealth and achievements.

The Bazigally rapper was recently advised by a twitter user to go sing at a Studio88 shop or simply consider getting a ‘proper’ job. These views were attached to the criticism on how her music career is going. Instead of allowing the disrespect to dull her down. The Senzeni Na rapper replied by sharing that she is worth more than people think revealing, that she literally gets paid to stay at home and tweet.

“Bootleg you’re trying to make what I do for a living sign sad 😂 IMPOSSIBLE. I literally get paid to stay home and tweet something, to party for no reason, to say I like something, because of my screaming and dancing. But keeping going Bootleg,”said Rouge addressing the tweep.

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