J Molley’s Manager Explains Why Flvme’s ‘Candyman’ Has No Visuals!

Nav Albers responds to a fan’s comment on twitter about Flvme’s music videos for his album Candyman

J Molley’s Manager Explains Why Flvme’s ‘Candyman’ Has No Visuals! J Molley’s manager and musical director Nav Albers has previously landed in hot water for his opinions on Twitter. In August 2020 the artist manager accused Flvme’s girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle of cheating on the rapper to which he was called to order by Cassper letting him know that he shouldn’t have sent that out.

Slikour Online’s Theo Manjo praised Flvme’s 2019 CandyMan release but questioned why some songs on the album have no music videos out. He shared, “’CandyMan’ album filled with the hottest songs, I’m so sad that none of the fan favourites got visuals. An album like that, needed the best rollout”.

Nav Albers quoted Manjo’s tweet saying him and his team had offered to shoot music videos for the rapper however they were sadly turned down. “We offered to shoot the visuals to Late Nights & Up & Lost for free. Looong ago. Apparently, there’s a deal that only Morale shoots flames shit or something,” Albers revealed.

Their interaction continued as Nav had more to say about Flvme than just his music videos. Albers mentioned that he didn’t understand Flvme but he hopes that the rapper has since grown from that. “Think it’s just weird vibes, Flame also refused to jump on Speedsta’s single with J & Costa cause he didn’t wanna put us on. It’s love though, it’s been a while hopefully the homies have grown up,” he added.

Flvme has not commented on the artist manager’s thoughts about his music videos releases from Candyman.  

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