Nasty C Gets Fans Hyped As He Previews An Unreleased Song.

Nasty C gets fans excited as he teases a new track and challenges fans to create a dance to the song.

Nasty C gets fans hyped up as he previews an unreleased song. The Eazy rapper released his third studio album in 2020 but hints at fans that something new might be coming. Nasty C has shown is versatility by delivering emotional rhymes to delivering hard hitting music to a trap audience. He has also shown firm artistry through his first music documentary currently streaming on Netflix ‘Zulu Man in Japan’.

The award-winning rapper shared a short snippet of an unreleased track with his 3.2 million followers on Instagram. He challenged fans to make a dance to the track titled If You Wanna.. On the clip is a graphic of a tape recorder, above it he writes, “Make a bad Bxxch Dance to this”. He captions the video, Thanks in advance #IfYouWanna. The track has a catchy beat, deep bass and lyrics to it that can get anyone bopping their head.

The snippet has already been viewed over 60 000 times. Fellow industry mates Lucas Raps, Die Mondez, Indigo Stella and pH Raw X have already shown love to the snippet.

Listen to the teaser here:

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