The Big Hash Says He’s Found A New Sound For Heartbreak Hotel

The Big Hash talks exploring a new sound for his upcoming album Heartbreak Hotel

The Big Hash says he’s found a new sound for Heartbreak Hotel. Young CEO The Big Hash is set to release his new album Heartbreak Hotel anytime in 2021 under his newly launched record label Devo Entity. Having already released his first single of 2021 Peace of Mind The Big Hash appears to be headed in the right direction.

The Big Hash recently took to twitter to comment on what fans can expect from his album Heartbreak Hotel. He told fans that the album is different from what he’s previously put out. He wrote, “I won’t lie, HEARTBREAK HOTEL hits different. Comeback season. The sound is not from here. I’ve found a new bag.”

When asked if the album had been completed, he replied that the album isn’t 100% done but demos that he has recorded could be put on the album as is. He reiterates that freedom of speech is important.

Not even, but some of these demos sound like they could be finished products the way they are, that’s how much quality we’re going for. People will hate me for it, people will love me for it, freedom of speech, but one thing they won’t do is question the effort I put into it.” Hash wrote.

He continued by assuring fans that he does not plan to put any bad songs on Heartbreak Hotel.

Whilst you wait for Heartbreak Hotel, add Peace of Mind to your library here:

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