Tumi Tladi Talks About How The Basadi Remix Came About

Tumi Tladi Talks About How The Basadi Remix Came About. Tumi Tladi has been in the SA Hip-Hop industry for some time now, but many know him for his smash hit Basadi. The dancer turned rapper made waves with the single and is finding his own sound while doing it.

Tumi recently appeared on Sportscene’s ‘Weekend Turn Up’ to chat about his journey into music as a rapper who broke into the scene through his love for dance. He also spoke about his relationship with Costa Titch and the making of Basadi.

He specifically spoke about the Basadi remix that featured Moozlie and Rouge and how the idea to have them both on the track came about. Tumi released the original Basadi track before the COVID-19 pandemic and explained that he was stuck about what to do next to keep fans happy.

Whilst speaking to Moozlie’s manager, he got the idea to produce the remix for the single. Tumi said, “I go to Sbu’da and I’m like yo man please give this to Moozlie and see what she can do. He’s like ayt clean. She sends it back and I’m like yoh! This verse is fire. Damn Moozlie.”

Sbu then suggested to Tumi that they needed more fire bars to add to the track and explained how he connected to Rouge. “Rouge calls me for Costa Titch’s number. Then I’m like ay yo, lemme give you a song check this song out”.

She confirmed her verse on Tumi’s track by tweeting him to make the remix come alive.

Check out Weekend Turn Up x Tumi Tladi here:

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