Blaklez Hints At A New Project In The Works

Blaklez Hints At A New Project In The Works. Blaklez is a man on a mission to change the world with his music, and even though the new restrictions still don’t permit any live shows or touring by artists and entertainers, Blaklez is still set on serving people with some hits.

Taking to Twitter, The ‘Don’t Mind The B.S’ rapper revealed that he is planning to hit the studio again to create another masterpiece however, for now he is still gathering the creative genius it takes to create in-depth projects such as his own.

“In a few weeks, if God wills it I start working on my studio album. Working on my mindset and energy for now. Prayers” he wrote.

The Pretoria born rapper led the way in 2021 with a new EP titled Don’t Mind the BS. The project comes after a successful release year in 2020 which includes 2 EP’s and a collaboration album with good friend and colleague PdotO titled Lost Diamonds.

Followers have since responded to the rapper by pleading that he get back into the booth and share his pearls of wisdom with other like minded lyricists in a fire collaboration.

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