Blxckie Celebrates Over 2 Million SoundCloud Streams

Blxckie Celebrates Over 2 Million SoundCloud Streams. Before a rapper can get recognized on mainstream platforms, rappers share their songs on SoundCloud and build a large fan base from the streaming platform. Indigo Stella and Hanna built a fanbase off Soundcloud releases that shaped them into who they have grown into today.

The Young rapper Blxckie recently took to Instagram to celebrate having achieved a milestone on Soundcloud. Blxckie has achieved over 2 million soundcloud streams. He shared the photo and captioned it “also ngyabonga for 2 millio streams on SoundCloud. That sh*t krezy. Bletty”.

Blxckie has several releases on his Soundcloud including multiple freestyles, and seven EPs he since 2018. His breakout single was Big Time Shlappa featuring LucasRaps.

 Having featured on Rouge’s Popular remix featuring the New Wave including Tumi Tladi, Costa Titch and Phantom Steeze, Blxckie is the name on everybody’s lips. Blxckie is certainly on his way up in 2021 as he prepares to release a single titled Stripes featuring Flvme on the 5th of February 2021.

From his Instagram Stories and Lives, Blxckie is hard at work in the studio, can fans expect something big from him soon?

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