Cassper Shares How He Would’ve Felt Being Featured On Trompies’ New Album

Cassper Shares How He Would’ve Felt Being Featured On Trompies’ New Album. Rapper and Family Tree CEO Cassper Nyovest has collaborated with a number artists, some legends and some new and fresh voices. The award winning rapper is one of a kind being able to switch between genres when he intends too.

The Nokuthula rapper recently took to share how he would’ve felt being featured on the new Trompies album. The legendary music group are set to release a new album soon.

A fan asked Cassper if he was album, to watch Cassper responded that he hasn’t but would’ve loved to be on it. He also mentions that they did reach out them but the collaboration was never going to happen.

He tweeted, “Nah but I would love to be on it. That would be a dream come true. Trompies is legendary status!!! They reached out but it never happened.”

Cassper has worked with a number of legendary rappers and musicians, some who have even inspires his music. Cassper has worked with the likes of Zola 7, HHP, Pro Kid, Tsepo Tshola and Towdee Mac. Does working all these names make Cassper a legend too?

The successful rapper has hinted at his business plans for 2021. He previously tweeted that he is working on a big business venture that could make him a Billionaire in no time but has not been specific about any plans. What we do know is that Cassper’s plans are always big!

He also recently met with the founder and CEO of local footwear brand, Drip Footwear Lekau Sehoana so a sneaker collaboration could be in the works! If Cassper had to follow through with a sneaker collaboration will be apart of a small group of rappers who have had their on sneakers.

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