Moozlie Addresses Beef With Boity And Shares Her Thoughts On Ghostwriters

Moozlie Addresses Beef With Boity And Shares Her Thoughts On Ghostwriters. Since the start of her rap career, Moozlie has worked with some of hip-hop’s biggest names and created a solid name for herself. The multi-talented artist has even bagged herself a few endorsement deals here and there.

The LaLaLa rapper recently jointed Big Star Johnson for an interview on his YouTube show ‘The Pro Cess”. The two rappers spoke about a number of topics including Moozlie‘s time has Miss Benoni in 2010 and her days in CashTime as the only female member.

Moozlie also spoke about her feelings toward ghost writing in the industry. She mentioned that she actually doesn’t mind ghost writing.

I don’t have a problem with ghost writing, I think if you acknowledge that you’re getting it then it’s okay. I definitely came up in a space where I had a lot of great male ghost writers around me always just trying to enforce their vision on me” She told BigStar.

She also surprisingly said that as a female Emcee in South Africa you almost can’t avoid the ghost. She also cleared that she doesn’t have anyone that writes for her anymore and that she wrote her album Spirit of an OG herself.

BigStar uses the topic of ghost writing to segway into the topic of her beef with Boity. Many fans of the two female rappers thought Moozlie was dissing Boity on her track Fourways Freestyle featuring Reason.

Her lyric in the song read, “You know I’m friends with everyone that writes her verses“. She addressed the beef and set the record straight in the interview.

It’s actually so unfortunate that it turned into a Moozlie versus Boity thing when it was never about that. If you know the players concerned and if you actually really listen to the record, there’s not even one place at all where I’m addressing her.” she said.

It’s not about her, it’s about somebody that works with her that I thought was a friend but turned out not to be.”

Watch Moozlie’s full interview on The Pro Cess here:

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