Nasty C Expands Zulu Man With Some Power Brand And Launches Podcast

Nasty C Expands Zulu Man With Some Power Brand And Launches Podcast. The award winning rapper Nasty C released his third studio album Zulu Man With Some Power in 2020 and got fans excited with the addition of some international features. Now, Nasty has another exciting announcement!

Nasty C recently took to his Instagram page to announce the launch of his Zulu Man With Some Power podcast in collaboration with Old Mutual’s AMPD studios.

The Black and White rapper captioned his post, “I know I’ve been quiet af but you know I’ve been working. Got something really cool and insightful for you guys soon too!! First episode on the 25th of February. Big shout out to Old Mutual AMPD studios for supporting me on this“.

The podcast will feature in depth conversations about the music industry and include voices from South Africa all the way to the United States as everyone will be giving insight into the industry. The podcast’s first episode will be launched on the 25th of February 2021.

The talented rapper is set to have an amazing combination of guests for the podcast. From local talent such as Black Coffee, Moozlie and songstress Rowlene, and businessman Slikour to International Guests DJ Whoo Kid, Def Jam’s Marketing Manager Justin Duran.

Nasty C has been making extra ordinary moves outside of his music lately. In 2020 the rapper released his first documentary on Netflix titled Zulu Man in Japan that followed him as he explored the Asian country’s streets and worked with rappers from Japan.

Circling back to the music, the rapper has also announced that he could potentially release another project in March 2021 that he has already completed! He mentioned that they are currently in the process of shortlisting tracks that will feature on the project.

He also said that if the project doesn’t get release he’ll release a few singles off the project.

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