SA Hip Hop Artists With Dope Podcasts

SA Hip Hop Artists With Dope Podcasts. Podcasts are one the coolest ways to bridge between the people and the information about their interests, especially when it comes to celebrities and their craft.

Many artists in the hip hop community have created their very own podcasts to connect with their fans while also giving other artists the opportunity to showcase their work and aqauant themselves with their fans.

These podcasts have given way to much needed discussions surrounding the hip hop community and the issues that are within. The likes of Ms Cosmo, Vigi and Scoop have pioneered their way into the world of podcasting and have earned their right to be referred to as industry critics.

Let’s look at some of our favourite hip hop artists who have created some dope podcasts for all the hip hop enthusiasts.


Dubbed one of the most popular and controversial podcast in hip hop, Scoop, Vigilante and Ms Cosmo sit and break down hip hop trends.

Lab Live

Makhado’s Live Lab session’s see’s Riky Rick having sit down conversation with hip hop natives to break down their bars and share their views and truths about topics within the industry.

The Grass Routes

Maraza’s live stream show is where the rapper showcases new talent and addresses issues within the industry with the fans and gives the lowdown on new artists that are definitely worth listening to.

She Social

Ms Cosmo created a podcast especially for the ladies in the industry to empower and speak all things career related named ‘She Social’ and has seen the likes of Nadia Nakai, Patty Monroe and many more as guests.


Gigi Lamayne has launched her very own podcast named “FURadio’ dedicated to all the ladies who want to show case their rap talents and also engage in conversation.

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