The Big Hash and Da L.E.S Weigh In On The Emtee Vs Flvme Beef

The Big Hash and Da L.E.S Weigh In On The Emtee Vs Flvme Beef. Emtee and Flvme have been at it for days on social media, comparing each other’s catalogues posting screenshots of their positions on the music charts. Flvme even went as far as sharing private messages between them.

Recently Emtee took to twitter to speak bout dropping out of school before obtaining a matric. He mentioned that behvaiour like that isn’t ‘cool’. The Big Hash weighed in on Emtee’s opinion saying that having a matric certificate doesn’t define you, and that he has gone far without his matric certificate.

You know I respect you, we can’t take away what you’ve done for the industry, but not having a Matric doesn’t define you, drive & ambition to better yourself in other ways does. I’m only speaking because I don’t have one, but I still ended up in studio with OG’s, you included” Hash wrote.

The Peace of Mind rapper also took the moment to reiterate that he doesn’t have beef with anyone and when he shares an opinion on social media he represents himself.

Hash tweeted, “For the last time: I HAVE NO BEEF with anyone, taking any side, or entering anything that has nothing to do with me, when I speak, I speak for ME. You’ll never win on the Internet. Something good happens, they hate, something bad happens, they hate. Nothing happens, they hate”

Da L.E.S simply tweeted that the two rappers should just stop the back and forth. “Please stop this. Both of y’all“.

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