Touchline Shares His Opinion About Being #2 On The Base Hottest MC’s List

Touchline Shares His Opinion About Being #2 On The Base Hottest MC’s List. Soccer star turned rapper Touchline has grabbed the attention of plenty ears with his rise in music. He has already worked with K.O and DJ Kaymoworld and released two albums of his on!

The Abafana Aba Hot rapper recently joined BigStar Johnson on his show The Pro Cess to discuss his rise into SA Hip-Hop. Touchline spoke about a number of topics relating to his success as a rapper and his opinion about being number two on the Base Hottest MC’s List.

The rapper mentioned that he will always be grateful for receiving those accolades, but that the list itself isn’t a big deal.

He said, “The list itself is not a big deal, I always say to my friends if I’m gonna whyl out about being number 2 or number one that means the day I don’t get on the list I’m gonna be crushed.

He continued to add that he doesn’t want to give panelists the power to make those decision that he isn’t as good. “As much as I respect everybody, I don’t wanna give six people that power. The power to make me sway or make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

Touchline rounded up the topic by mentioning that he will always be grateful but he will always be number one in what he does and that the list isn’t as important as the list of people he is gunning for.

He recently told fans that he is 80% done with his album but has not dropped a release date for the project. This will come after his two albums 18 Flow and 19 Flow.

Fans keep posted to his social media pages for when he will be dropping!

Check out Touchline’s interview with BigStar Johnson on The Pro Cess here:

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