A-Reece Explains Why He Changed His Upcoming Mixtape Name 3 Times And The Story Behind ‘Morning Peace’

A-Reece Explains Why He Changed His Upcoming Mixtape Name 3 Times And The Story Behind ‘Morning Peace’! In early 2020, A-Reece made it official that he was making a sequel to what his fans call a classic album, Paradise.

Over a year later, A-Reece is yet to release the much anticipated album but he’s not leaving his fans starving. The 23 year old rapper has been dropping singles and now gearing up to drop a mixtape called Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory at the end of March. A- Reece recently spoke to Flaunt Magazine about the upcoming project and the latest single explaining the inspiration and shedding more light on what to expect.

“When I heard the beat, I knew I wanted to be melodic on it and have spaces between my lines to make the production shine too. The beat’s so amazing I decided not to write the entire thing and improvise. The concept of wanting to start your day by making love to your partner, instead having a heated, awkward argument over something irrelevant just fell on my lap. I’m in a relationship myself, and it’s something I can relate to because it’s my reality. We all know it’s impossible to have a perfect relationship. We all have our flaws and mistakes, but that’s the beauty of it. It makes it all real,” he said on the single ‘Morning Peace’.

Asked about what he could share about the upcoming mixtape, A-Reece revealed he had changed the title at least three times and why he’s releasing projects before the actual anticipated one.

Early 2020, I made it official on social media that I’ll be making a sequel to the record and it caused a frenzy. I figured maybe I should get in pre-game mode and give them a mixtape first. Something to hold them as I craft the highly anticipated sequel. Initially I wanted to title it Man In The Sky then Inside A Troubled Mind, but as the year went by and so much was happening, I eventually changed it to fit how I was feeling at that current time. It’s 13 songs concise and straightforward as I intended it to be,” A-Reece said.

Sharing the artwork on soocial media, A-Reece had said: “It took me an entire year to wrap this project up. That’s the longest I’ve taken to put together a complete body of work. The approach was different. I was caught between having a lot to speak about and not being a mouthful or unnecessarily overwhelming. The record is a musical expression of what’s inside my troubled mind.”

TODAY’S TRAGEDY, TOMORROW’S MEMORY will be out on all platforms on March 26th.

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