AKA Explains The Only Way A Collaboration With Emtee Would Happen

AKA Explains The Only Way A Collaboration With Emtee Would Happen. The multi-talented rapper, AKA has a long list of artists he has worked with. He has worked with local rappers stars and stars all over the African continent. The Fela in Versace rapper is always game for a collaboration.

AKA recently engaged with his fans on twitter where they could feel free to ask him any question they wanted. Fans started asking AKA about who he would consider doing a collaboration project with. He mentioned that him and Yanga Chief owe their fans an eight track EP but he would also consider working with Sjava.

A fan responded mentioning that an Emtee collaboration project would be a great idea. He tweeted, “I think an eMTee colab tape would be sick.” AKA responded expressing his love for Emtee however if the two were to collaborate they would have to live in the same house for a month.

AKA’s tweet read, “I love Emtee. But he’s such a deep and complex character. For us to do a project we would have to like, live in the same house or something for like a month to really grasp the concept“.

AKA has only done one joint project throughout his career. The rapper collaborated with Anatii in 2017 to create their 10 track album Be Careful What You Wish For. The album featured hits such as 10 Fingers, The Saga, Don’t Forget To Pray, and Holy Mountain.

AKA and Emtee have collaborated on music before. Emtee featured AKA on the remix for his hit track Roll Up and also had Wizkid. The two rappers also appeared on 25K’s Culture Vulture remix and Gemini Major’s Right Now Reloaded alongside Naty C, Tellaman and The Big Hash.

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