Boity Reacts To A Tweep Saying Her Boyfriend Gave Her A Month To Look Like Her

Boity Reacts To A Tweep Saying Her Boyfriend Gave Her A Month To Look Like Her. Platinum selling rapper Boity is a hard working individual who constantly strives for success in everything that she does. With the success of her debut EP 4436 and her Boity Pink Saphhire perfume she is coming for everything in 2021, some even strive for her success!

Boity Shows Off Her New Diamond Customized Chain From Dr Lex Leo!

A tweep recently took to twitter to share her experience of what her ex-boyfriend expected of her when they were still dating. She mentioned in the tweet that her boyfriend gave her a month to look like Boity. She tweeted, “I once dated a guy who gave me a month to look like Boity“.

The tweet found it’s way onto Boity’s Instagram feed where she reacted to what the tweep said about her previous relationship. Boity responded to the tweep not giving her ex-boyfriend the time of day. Her tweet wrote, “That guy is a loser!

Boity has been making money moves lately. She recently became the third South African woman ever to appear on the cover of Man Magazine behind Bonang Matheba and Nadia Nakai. She also is looking to increase her bank balance and looked to her Dlozis for assistance.

She wrote that she is manifesting R69 Million from them. With all of her big business moves she is bound to make that amount in no time! She previously mentioned that her Dlozis have helped her financially in multiple ways. She thanked them for giving her a successful career and blessing her financially but she hopes they’ll bless her with a man soon!

Rumours have been flying around that she is currently seeing SA actor Anton Jeftha after the two posted photographs on their Instagram pages of the same location on Valentines Day! Boity hasn’t confirmed anything yet but it could be a possibility!

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