Cassper Responds To Criticism That He Has Played A Part In Putting Pressure On 20 Years Olds To Be Successful

Cassper Responds To Criticism That He Has Played A Part In Putting Pressure On 20 Years Olds To Be Successful. Award winning rapper Cassper Nyovest has achieved plenty throughout his years in the SA Hip Hop Industry. He has even expanded his brand further than just hip-hop and grown himself in other genres too.

Cassper Says He Won't Follow Social Media Standards While Defending Himself For A Joke He Made On A Friend's Instagram Post

The Nyuku rapper recently commented on a post where a tweep asked if people know how broke 20 year olds are. Cassper responded to the tweet writing that that’s how it should be and that there shouldn’t be any unnecessary pressure from social media.

His tweet read, “As they should be. With not unnecessary pressure from social media.

Another tweep joined the interaction to say that Cassper is playing a part in adding unnecessary pressure for the younger generation to be successful by posting his luxury Rolls Royce. Cassper responded mentioning that the only reason he posts it is so he can inspire. He added that he also used to post when he had nothing.

He tweeted, “Nope. I post so you can be inspired, not to give kids pressure. I used to post when I had nothing. Mine is a journey, not a destination.”

Cassper has always been an inspirational figure for the younger generation in his music. He has shown this through his fill up events and in his lyricism.

The Family Tree CEO has begun the year on an exceptional note with the release of his first single Ama Number 10 Ayi’ 10 featuring Abidoza, Kammu Dee & LuuDadeejay. The rapper announced that he is releasing a lot of music in 2021 so fans should keep an eye for those releases. Along with releasing more amapiano music, he is still planning to release music videos from his 2020 album Any Minute Now.

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