Da Les Receives Backlash For His Ladies Grooming Request For His Upcoming All White Party

Da Les Receives Backlash For His Ladies Grooming Request For His Upcoming All White Party! Da Les’ All White parties are back but looking a bit different for all hopefuls who wish to attend. It used to be about the who’s who of the social scene but the 2021 requirements have left social media in shock.

Da Les is hosting one of his All White brunches with his friend Saso. On the promo flier circulating on social media, the requirements include grooming for both men and women who wish to attend. Haircuts, clean shaves and shape ups for men and the requirements for women listing hair-dos, waxing, pedicures and manicures as a must.

As expected, the requirements especially for women did not sit well with black twitter who felt there is something weird about adding “waxing” especially to the list. “This is Hella rapey omg… Oh wow guys who approved this?! Da Les is like 40 what the helll is this?!?,” comedian and TV host Lesego Tlhabi tweeted with another tweep questioning Da Les’ intentions with these women who will attend the event.

This brought up Da Les character into question as tweeps dug up his history. Back in 2019 when victims of sexual abuse and harassment spoke up and outed their celebrity abusers, Da Les’ name came up a couple of times. The Rapper was accused by different women who remained anonymous that he had allegedly sexually harrased them. In response to the grooming requirements especially for the women, tweeps called out Da Les and brought up him being the rape lists that trended two years ago. Check out some of the reactions below.

Da Les has yet to respond to the Backlash or change the requirements.

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