Here’s How Nasty C Plans To Expand His Empire In 2021

Here’s How Nasty C Plans To Expand His Empire In 2021. Nasty C is a man that seems to have it all figured out. The award winning rapper has had a wave of success through the launch of his Zulu Man With Some Power album and has even bigger plans with for his brand!

Nasty C To Feature On The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Nasty C recently joined Odd Magazine’s Amir Bagheri for an interview about the success of the Zulu Man With Some Power album and the success of the Zulu Man In Japan documentary.

Bagheri also used the interview as an opportunity to ask Nasty if he has any plans of creating a fashion line after seeing the merchandise of Nasty C’s new podcast Zulu Man With Some Power podcast.

The Black and White rapper confirmed that he does have plans of creating a fashion line.

He said, “I’m working on something right now. Something really exciting. I have been wearing a couple of the pieces just to tease people and see how they react to it without even saying it’s mine.”

He mentioned that when people ask him what brand he’s wearing he brushes it off by saying he’s wearing something he found online. He did not say when he plans to drop the fashion line or gave any specific details about it.

Nasty C launched his podcast recently with guest features from prominent industry professionals from South Africa and the United States. The podcast has already featured the likes of Slikour and DJ Whoo Kid and has many more guests in store.

The Bookoo Bucks rapper mentions in the interview that he hopes the podcast will inspire young people who want to become artists or who want to be in the media space.

He hopes that the podcast will help them prepare for it in terms of the challenges and knowing what the industry holds.

Check out Nasty C’s Intervew with Odd Magazine here:

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