K.O Has Some Advice About Finding A Reliable Distribution Company

K.O Has Some Advice About Finding A Reliable Distribution Company. K.O is one of the longest standing rappers in the SA Hip Hop game. Apart from his music, he has developed an amazing clothing brand in the form of Skhanda World. Because of his time in the industry, the award winning rapper always has some important advice for young upcoming rappers.

K.O Promises To Bring The Bully Back On His Next Album

A young artist recently reached out to the Lucky Star rapper on Twitter to ask him about how to go about looking for a reliable distribution company that can also assist with radio submission. The fan tweeted, “K.O maybe you can point me in a reliable direction, I’m looking for a reliable music distribution company that’ll help with radio submission for my latest and all upcoming releases. Please help“.

K.O responded with some important advice where he said that the artist should not put all his eggs in one basket. He mentioned a few company names for distribution and gave other recommendations about what services he could use for radio.

His tweet read, “Don’t put your eggs in one basket. Use distrokid or tunecore for distribution then secure a radio plugger separately. Look up companies like Electromode for radio plugging services“.

K.O has announced that he will be delivering a new album for fans to enjoy in 2021. He last mentioned that he was halfway through his album and had a few features lined up for the album. He hinted at exploring an amapiano sound with a twist in his music. The album is set to be released on the second half of 2021.

Fans have been asking K.O about when he’s planning to release MS3. He mentioned that the song is ready however he wants to drop the song with his album preorder. Fans can expect K.O to bring back the bully on his next album.

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