Ms Cosmo Highlights The Difficulties That Women Have To Face In The SA Hip Hop Industry

Ms Cosmo Highlights The Difficulties That Women Have To Face In The SA Hip Hop Industry. Ms Cosmo has been an instrumental force in the growth of SA Hip Hop over the years. She has become one of the most prominent hip hop DJS in the industry right now.

The Connect hitmaker sat down for an interview with Everything SA Music to discuss her background and her rise in the SA hip hop industry. Ms Cosmo also highlighted the difficulties that women have to face in the SA hip hop industry.

She mentioned that although women have had to fight for their place in the industry. She also said that although women are more independent, they have to make sure their appearance is always on point as opposed to men.

She said, “We need to take away this façade where we put so much pressure more on women. Mind you, a women has to be able to look good and sound good whereas a guy could look like a skobo and still be a rockstar.

She raised the point that women are constantly being attacked on social media whereas men don’t get the same treatment.

People trash women on stage all time and people are always being trashed on social media about what they look like and what they sound like but it’s like that doesn’t fall back onto the guys in the same regard and it’s not fair“, She said.

Ms Cosmo mentioned that being a female artist gets expensive because you always need to look the part. A female artist should always have their hair and make up done, and they can’t be seen in the same outfit twice.

The successful radio DJ finished off by mentioning that she appreciates that there are a lot of successful independent women in the the entertainment industry currently.

Watch Ms Cosmo’s full interview here:

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