Pics! Yanga Chief Travels To Mthatha To Meet King Dalindyebo

Pics! Yanga Chief Travels To Mthatha To Meet King Dalindyebo. Award winning rapper Yanga Chief has been apart of creating some of South Africa’s biggest SA hip hop tracks. Every track Yanga Chief creates has a powerful meaning or speaks back to a certain time in his life. In creating his recent release Pop Star he had to back to his family roots and learn more about his lineage.

Yanga Chief Hints At Follow Up Album To His Successful Debut 'Pop Star'

The BBAF hit maker took to Instagram to share his meeting with King Dalindyebo. Dresses in a khaki trench coat and pants combo, the rapper travelled to the small town of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape to meet the King. Yanga raps about the King in his smash hit Utatakho off his debut project Becoming a Pop Star.

After Yanga’s release of his single Utatakho, the King acknowledged the rapper for mentioning him in the track. While reacting to the King’s acknowledgment, he said that what he has learnt about the king is that he is an intelligent man and noted his pride in being an African as incredible.

Yanga’s Instagram post wrote, “Dlomo, Madiba, Yem-Yem, Vela bambhentsele, Sophitsho, Ngqolomsila, Ntande, MThebu, Aaaah Zwelibanzi. Dalidyebo iKumkani“.

In highlighting the King’s acknowledgment to the track, Yanga mentioned that it speaks to how alive an well SA Hip Hop is doing in the country.

After the successful receptions of Yanga’s Becoming A Pop Star and Pop Star projects, it seems as if the rapper is ready to release his next album Pop Star 2. He spoke about the project with Hype Magazine, mentioning that it will be what people expected Pop Star to sound like. He described the sound that fans can look forward too as more aggressive and more in the moment.

No release date has been announced for Pop Star 2 yet, but fans could expect the drop any time in 2021.

Here are the highlights of Yanga meeting King Dalindyebo.

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