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Rapper’ Englibeth says he is the chosen one to revive SA Hip Hop #FreshmanFridays

When God himself takes his time to give you a unique talent all you can do is get into the studio and record some hip hop bangers. This is the life of Englibeth a rapper and singer from Centurion. The multi talented rapper did exactly that on the record ‘Keyboard worrior’ which he addressed online haters who seek to pull others down by passing negative comments. “We are all talented in one way or another so it is important to keep it moving when negative online comments come, in fact nasty comments are from people who are secret admirers,” the rapper said in explaining the story behind the hit record. In the music video the rapper is seen sitting dangerously on the roof top before showing scenes in the galaxy world and some fans were quick to comment ‘some of the dopiest visuals around the block’

The rapper also dropped ‘Never lie’ which shows different versions of his talent. Fans were excited to see Englibeth flying around with some nice huns in the video (sic visuals). On the record the rapper refers to himself as a carnivore referring to why its is important to please your woman in different ways.

The rapper also showed his ever-positive spirit to turn thing around on ‘paid my dues.’ “If you get the basics right and do so continuously, you are guaranteed to succeed. In essence you have paid all your dues,” commented the artist on the meaning behind the hit record. Again the visuals did not disappoint by showing a clean and very positive outlook on life.

Englibeth draws inspiration from different people who are the best of what they do eg the production line is inspired by the likes of Scott Storch and Timberland,  The rapper is currently performing in and around the country, best described in his own words “ I am just living the life I am meant to.” Released singles are available across all music platforms and on below social media links.

More music will continue to drop during the course of the year and fans cant wait for the album to drop.

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