Rouge Claps Back At Critic Who Claims She Booked Her ‘Friends’ For Her Event

Rouge Claps Back At Critic Who Claims She Booked Her ‘Friends’ For Her Event. Award winning rapper Rouge has grown her brand expansively outside of music. The Popular rapper is most known for her lyricism and sharp tracks, she is also a huge fan of collaboration.

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Rouge recently hosted her very own event called ‘Tribe Nation Festival’ that was an instant success. The festival included an amazing line up with the likes of Costa Titch, BigStar Johnson, Moozlie, Reason and Blxckie. Whilst celebrating the success of her event, a critic commented under her tweet to claim that she only booked her friends for the event.

She quickly clapped back at the critic saying that those friends came to support her because that’s just who they are. She wrote, “Not even, these friends just came to support me to me, cause that’s the type of people they are. ….cause there are alot of negative folks out there. Kind of like this comment.

The critic responded saying to Rouge that their comment wasn’t that deep and that they should be allowed to have an opinion on things. The award winning rapper replied saying that the critic should not get touched her comment and that they should address her as a stranger.

Her tweet read, “Don’t get touch by opinion. If you can give yours allow me to give mine. Also please don’t address me like you know me in any shape or form. We are literally strangers, let’s behave as such.“.

Rouge has begun 2021 on an impressive note with the release of two singles including her Popular Remix featuring new wave rappers. She also took her hand at acting and played the main character in an incredible Cell C advert.

She has confirmed that she is releasing a new project in 2021 but has not solidified any release dates yet.

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