Rouge Sheds Light On The Importance Of Engaging With Her Fan Base

Rouge Sheds Light On The Importance Of Engaging With Her Fan Base. Rouge is one of the most recognized rappers in the industry with an amazing list of achievements and awards. She has worked significantly hard to get to where she is now and she doesn’t plan to stop there.

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Rouge recently appeared on The Pro Cess with host fellow rapper BigStar Johnson to chat about a number of topic relating to her life as a rapper. The two spoke about Rouge‘s family life, her being the only rapper in her family and how she began rapping.

The two rappers also got into talking about why Rouge started the story times on her Instagram page and why she feels it is important to engage with her fans.

She mentions that she got the idea from Tumi Tladi and the two got to talking about Costa Titch and Phantom Steeze and their fans. Rouge mentions that the rappers highlighted what captivates the new generation of people buying into their music is people feeling that they can connect to the artist.

She said, “They know, if I send Costa a comment he’s gonna respond and it was like that’s why. It got to a space where it felt like Costa’s posting let me go comment he’s gonna comment with me. That lead to a whole bunch of people commenting because there was a loyalty that came with it“.

She then highlighted the difference between the new and old generations of rappers. She said that once the old generation of rappers get to a certain point they just stop talking to the fans.

Rouge then explained that as an artist herself, she can’t just be making music. The supporters need to know that they can engage with her.

It’s a give and take relationship. If I’m doing this, you’re gonna buy my music. So yeah, that’s why I started my story times.”

“These supporters need to know that we’re not unreachable. They need to know that things happen to us as well, not everything goes right for us as well.” She explained.

Watch Rouge on The Pro Cess here:

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