Siya Metane Tells The Powerful Story Behind His New Song Release

Siya Metane Tells The Powerful Story Behind His New Song Release. Siya Metane, previously known as Slikour has contributed greatly to the SA hip-hop industry. Being a rapper himself he has always stayed true to himself in his music.

Siya recently announced that he was dropping his rap name ‘Slikour’ and that he would release a single detailing what has healed him throughout his life in hopes to heal others. He took to explain the track Fulfill featuring RJ Benjamin.

He captioned the video, “#AStoryAboutASong I haven’t released a song in 10 years but I’ve been writing throughout. I hope it has the meaning it was intended to have and touches the ears and hearts that need to hear it.

He explains that his family roots are one of a kind. He is rebuilding his family home with his brother in Bushbuckridge. On his way home from the building site he reminisced about seeing his sons and nephews playing on the foundation of the home and described them as the foundation of the Metane lineage.

The word that kept playing in his head was Fulfilled. He continued to explain how he got RJ Benjamin on the song.

Siya said, “While we’re in studio someone goes, Yo! RJ needs to be on this record. So I call RJ and say, Hola Rick James. I call him Rick James. Here’s the joint, I hope you like it and you find something to add. Nothing is fixed, feel free to do whatever.

He initially planned to release the song in January 2021 before Skwatta Kamp member Nish’s passing however the song’s release date was delayed. Siya says he dedicates the song to his fallen group member and brother Nish Molefe.

Check out Siya’s story behind his new single here:

Listen to Siya Metane’s new single Fulfilled featuring RJ Benjamin here:

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