Slikour Explains Why He’s Dropping His Rap Name

Slikour Explains Why He’s Dropping His Rap Name. Slikour has been an instrumental part of the growth of SA hip-hop. From being a rapper himself, he knows exactly how much hard work goes into producing quality work at all times.

Slikour recently announced on his own platform SikourOnLife that he will be dropping his rap name. He will now go by his real name Siya Metane. He explains that from his young days in Leondale he has grown exponentially in his love for music to be able to build a successful platform.

While announcing dropping his rap name, he also announced that he will drop a single that details what has healed him in hopes that it will heal many more.

Siya Metane was apart of one of SA hip-hop’s most prominent and gear shifting rap groups ever. Being a member of Skwatta Kamp alongside the likes of Flabba, Shugasmakx, and Nish grew Siya’s rap career immensely.

In 2020 Slikour confirmed that the group will reunite to create something after years apart. Their last music release was in 2018, when they came together to pay tribute to Flabba creating a track titled There You Go.

Apart from being apart of the award winning Skwatta Kamp he has had success in his solo career as well including winning the Metro FM Music Award for Hit Single Of The Year in 2008.

One of Slikour’s biggest songs is a collaboration with veteren RJ Benjamin that was released back in 2007.

With his last music release being more than 7 years go, it will be interesting to see if Siya can still rap as flawlessly as before. He announced that his single will drop on the 5th of March 2021.

He has not released any other further details about the upcoming single. Say tuned for the single release!

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