YoungstaCPT Explains Why He Is So Carefree About Speaking About The Government

YoungstaCPT Explains Why He Is So Carefree About Speaking About The Government. YoungstaCPT has always been a voice for the voiceless and uses his music to educate and inform everyone that listens to it. Through his heavy bars the rapper has mostly achieved that goal and gotten people to be attentive whilst listening to him.

YoungstaCPT On Why He Doesn't Use Gangsterism To Appeal To People

Rashid Kay took to twitter to express his concerns over the National Arts Council’s announcement about taking action against senior officials who were involved in the disappearance of R300 Million meant for artist relief during COVID-19. The radio personality tweeted that South African musician’s aren’t brave to speak about social issues that affect citizens.

His tweet read, “SA Musicians are not brave enough to sing about real social issues. That’s why R300m for arts can just disappear and life goes on. They all try to be on the good side of the system, hoping for their turn to loot.”

YoungstaCPT boldly responded to Rashid Kay’s tweet highlighting that he is carefree about speaking on the government because they don’t care about those that live down in Cape Town. He continues to say that he details the experience in his 2019 album 3T.

Youngsta’s tweet read, “I never gave a poes what I said about the government coz they never cared about US in the Kaap and that album I released in 2019 spoke about it all in detail“.

The rapper has always spoken about issues that are important to the coloured community when he is given a platform to do so. Recently whilst appearing on Riky Rick’s podcast ‘Lab Live’, he was asked why he doesn’t use gangsterism to appeal to an audience.

He answered the question by highlighting that he doesn’t have the right too because he has never committed 100% to gangsterism and that there has only been one man who has ever rapped about being a gangster.

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