Cassper Reacts To Critic Who Says He Isn’t Relevant

Cassper Reacts To Critic Who Says He Isn’t Relevant. Cassper has always held his head high and turns away from the negative comments he receives on his posts on social media. The award winning rapper does not always entertain his critics but sometimes he does respond to their comments.

Cassper Details His Plans For Music Videos From 'Any Minute Now'

A critic of the rapper’s commented under one of his tweets, telling him that he isn’t relevant. The critic continued to say that he shouldn’t be a coward unless he writes two or three songs about South African politics. The critic also asked who the South African equivalent of Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, J Cole or Kanye West.

The tweet read, “Casper you not relevant now Chief… don’t be coward unless write 2 or 3 songs about South African politics or you know jack… Kant who’s our Kendrick, our Eminem, our J cole or our Kanye… as we sick of these young thugs or Ross mimics“.

The Good For That rapper responded very calmly by saying that the critic should go sleep because the pandemic has everybody stressed. He wrote, “Good sleep my guy. You’re clearly stressed. We all are, corona ke masepa.”

Cassper has some interesting plans up his sleeve for 2021, he said that although he plans to drop 3 to 4 projects, he will still release music videos from his album Any Minute Now. The rapper is moving into an amapiano direction with his music has already dropped a single featuring Abidoza, Kammu Dee, and LuuDadeejay title Ama Number Ayi’10. He has told fans that they should expect much more music from him in 2021.

Apart from his music, he is working on being SA Hip Hop’s first billionaire. Though he has not revealed his specific plans for his billionaire project, we know that it’ll be as big and spectacular as Cassper is.

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