Cruz Afrika Speculates On Why Some Rappers Chart On Streaming Platforms

Cruz Afrika Speculates On Why Some Rappers Chart On Streaming Platforms. Cruz Afrika is one rapper who is quite outspoken on his social media platforms. The rapper leaves no stone unturned when it comes to expressing his opinion on issues that matter the most to him.

The Pray for Me rapper recently took to his twitter page to promote his recently released EP Half Of Me and to express why he feels some rappers chart on streaming platforms. He specifically called out iTunes and mentioned that the platform may push rappers up because of the internal relationship with digital distributors. He also called out A-Reece and Emtee’s recently released albums to watch out for an EP soon to drop by 2LA.

His tweet read, “iTunes may push niggaz up on the charts Bcause of the internal relationship with digital distributor, but we all know “Cruz Afrika – Half of me Ep” is the best to come out 2021 Case close , Hai bo Logan and TTTM ,out for Ocean Ep by 2LA | Droping soon #HOM #Ocean“.

Cruz Afrika recently released his Half Of Me EP and had some notable features on the project including Fifi Cooper and Musiholiq. The rapper was involved in the production of his own music along with 2LA and Neasy Beats. He named some of his favourite tracks on the EP which were Weekend, Umjolo, Catch Emotion and Solo.He mentioned that Chad Da Don was not featured on his album because Emtee refused for him to feature.

His EP comes after the release of his debut project Godly released in 2018. He released both projects under his independent record label Afrika Hotlines. He mentioned in 2020 that he was looking for more artists to sign to the label as he was the labels only signee. He highlighted that he wants to create stars!

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