Emtee Responds To Big Zulu Not Regarding Him As A Rapper

Emtee Responds To Big Zulu Not Regarding Him As A Rapper. Award winning rapper Emtee has always delivered quality rap music for fans and has a had a long list of different collaborators. He has collaborated with the likes of AKA to J-Smash. Sometimes people don’t refer to Emtee as a rapper, and one of those people is fellow rapper Big Zulu.

The Stick Up collaborator recently appeared on MacG’s podcast to speak about his experience at the popular record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, his family life and the inspiration behind his hit track Manando.

One of the podcast hosts Sol Phenduka, mentioned to Emtee that they previously hosted Big Zulu on the podcast and mentioned that he highlighted that he doesn’t regard Emtee as a rapper but did say that he makes good music. Phenduka asked him how he felt about people saying he’s not really a rapper but he makes catchy music.

Emtee responded to the question saying that he likes that, and he doesn’t like to be boxed into the rap category. “Yeah that’s cool, I like that because that’s what I do. I don’t put myself in a rap category like that, I just wanna make dope music and make catchy stuff” Emtee answered.

Emtee is gearing up for his album release Logan that is to be dropped on the 10th of April 2021, the album is easily one of the most anticipated drops of 2021. He has already dropped two singles from the album iThemba and Laqhasha featuring Lolli Native and Flash Ikumkani. The album will also feature Gwamba, Moozlie and J-Smash. He mentioned that the album will include

The Manando rapper previously revealed that he also has music videos lined up for 2021. He plans to drop music videos for iThemba and Johustleburg but has not announced any release dates for the upcoming music videos.

Watch Emtee on MacG’s ‘Podcast And Chill’

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