K.O On Not Getting The Respect He Deserves In The SA Hip Hop Industry

K.O On Not Getting The Respect He Deserves In The SA Hip Hop Industry. SAMA award winning rapper K.O is a rapper that has always delivered quality music throughout his years in the industry. Having collaborated with some of SA Hip Hop’s finest talent, the rapper is still continuing to win fans over.

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A fan of the Supa Dupa hitmaker’s recently took to twitter to ask why he doesn’t get the respect he deserves in the industry. The tweet wrote, “I still don’t know why K.O doesn’t get the respek he deserves in the industry, or am I just ignorant?“.

K.O responded to the tweet writing that there is some truth in the fan’s statement but that he doesn’t necessarily care for anyone’s opinions anymore. “Some truth in that but I stopped cracking my skull over ‘their’ opinions long ago“, K.O wrote.

K.O has been in the SA Hip Hop industry for over 10 years now. He started off in the industry with Hip Hop group Teargas, and then became a solo act that fans loved. In his career he has picked up one SAMA Award for his collaboration with Nandi Madida, Say U Will.

The rapper has big plans in store for 2021 including the release of his fourth album and to grow his Skhanda World brand and label. K.O has taken two young rappers under his wing. Rappers Roiii and Loki Tunez are Skhanda World’s youngest signees and are ready to take the SA Hip Hop industry by storm.

K.O revealed that in April 2021 is the month that Skhanda World will be ready to reveal to the world what they have been working on. The Skhanda World twitter account mentioned that they had to take their time with their new music and everything that they’re going to drop is ‘unashamedly South African’.

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