Khuli Chana On SA Hip Hop: “It’s Suffering An Identity Crisis”

Khuli Chana On SA Hip Hop: “It’s Suffering An Identity Crisis”. Khuli Chana can be named one of SA Hip Hop’s legends and continues to raise the bar with every single one of his releases. The rapper has also used his influence in SA Hip Hop to introduce new talent to the industry.

Khuli Chana Details His On-Screen Plans For The Rest Of 2021

The rapper was recently on Jozi FM’s Breakfast show, Big Breakfast to speak about his new single Buyile featuring Tyler ICU, Stino Le Thwenny and Lady Du. Khuli also spoke about the influence amapiano music has had on the music he is currently working on and what he feels the future of SA Hip Hop is currently looking like.

He mentioned that the fact he doesn’t understand how we think of amapiano as something awkward because it is something that is authentically ours just like Kwaito is as well.

It must never be a choose between SA Hip Hop or Yano. So I think SA Hip Hop needs to find it’s voice again, it needs to find it’s sound again. I think it’s suffering an identity crisis and for us, I think we’re very privileged to have come in very early in the game and we experimented with Kwaito and we came in at a time when Kwaito was at it’s peak.” he explained.

Khuli also spoke about what he loved about Motswako coming up as an artist. He said he loved it because he could relate to a lot of people at the same time and it didn’t feel like it was for a certain group of people. He says that he sees a bright future for himself and he’s not sure about SA Hip Hop.

The rapper is planning to release an EP soon titled KhuliYano and has mentioned that he was working with Manu WorldStar on a track. Apart from the EP he said he plans to release plenty singles in 2021.

Catch his full interview on Big Breakfast here:

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